Elevator Fan , Elevator Component

Basic Info

Model No.: D0200026

Product Description

Elevator Fan, Elevator Component

1. Product Parameters

Name: Fan

Number Of ID: D0200026

Number Of Drawing: PB240

2. Detailed Product Description

Good design for elevator

Make sure elevator safe and precise operation

Fan is installed on the top of elevator cabin

3. Product Introduction

The fan is a kind of air conditioner to make the indoor and outdoor air exchange, which is driven by a motor to rotate the wind blade and drive the air flow. The elevator fan can dissipate heat of the machine room and force air circulation.

4. Certifications

German TUV Certificate

CE Certificate

Environmental Management System Certificate

Ghost R Russian Certificate

Quality Management System Certification

5. Company Introduction

Hosting elevator always follows market requirement to convince our users around the world with quality products and satisfactory service.

Establishing a sound marketing service network and participates in different exhibitions all over the world, we are now wining 125 agents at home and 25 agents on abroad throughout the world`s major emerging markets.

5.1 Quality Control

Hosting Elevator not only import Automatic Optical Inspection, Spectrum Analyzer, CMM, but also found precision detection experimental center.

Strictly followed international QC management to elevator production, we set rigorous manufacturing standards of Hosting Elevator to make sure every elevator remarkable.

Set up in 1993 while creating HOSTING brand in Ningbo, Hosting located in an important port city in China.

Since the establishment, HOSTING was dedicated in research development and the manufacture of elevators and escalators.

5.2 Multiply Products

Passenger Elevator, Observation lift, Bed Elevator, Cargo Elevator, Escalator, Conveyor and the Spare Parts

Popular in government financed projects, real estate projects, hotels and urban rail transit projects.

5.3 Safety First

High Safety Standard ensured for any Accidents occurs.

ISO9001:2000 quality and CE marking certification systems.

5.4 Services

First Class Sets of Equipment for metal cutting, sheet metal fabrication, coating and test equipment worth USD70 million

Win win Cooperation and Mutual Benefits.

5.5 Global Market

More than 30% of our products are exported to South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa etc. Our export volume ranks ninth in China and second in self owned brand of China. We provide elevator and escalator with competitive price and reliable quality.

Furthermore, we will spend more efforts to look for good and qualified abroad agents so that we can localize our after service world widely in the future.

Hosting has the strong ability of design and manufacturing thanks to a lot of first class manufacturing equipments including NC laser cutter, CNC multi stations punch press, NC plate bending machine, processing center, spraying production line, welding robot and well equipped production line. We adopt risk management and delicacy operation for safe products and employ precise testing instruments for more stable products, more complete functions and longer service life.

Delicate Research Development and Manufacture Process

Set up in 1993 while creating HOSTING brand in Ningbo, Hosting located in an important port city in China.

Six Subsidiaries: Xinda Elevator, Xinda Compressor, Xinda Elevators Parts, Xinda Heavy Industry and Lebang Electron.

Our products are widely applied in government financed projects, real estate projects, hotels and urban rail transit projects.

5.6 Why Xinda?


1. Are the elevator wire ropes durable?

The elevator wire rope has special provisions and requirements. Configuration is not only for wire rope and rated load, but also considered the size of the traction, as a result, the tensile strength of wire rope is greater than the weight of the lift. The safety factor is equipped with more than four wire ropes. So it won`t break at the same time.

2. Is it dangerous for power failure suddenly during the elevator running?

If it occurs, the elevator will automatically stop due to the electrical and mechanical safety device. In case of power failure, elevator brakes will be automatically taken. In addition, the power supply departments such as planned outage, prior notice are also operating.

3. Will we be hurt when it closed suddenly?

In the closing process, if people touch the hall door, the door of elevator will automatically restart without any danger. With anti clamping switch, once the gate touched, the switching action make the elevator unable to be closed and even reopened. In addition, closing force is also available here.

4. How the elevator running?

Elevators are operated with a counterweight wire rope through the (tractor) traction drive, making ups and downs on the guide rail.

5. Do you have any certifications?

Yes, we do with CE, KLA, CSA and UL Certificates for you.

Garage Safety Edge Semi Automatic Lift Door Contact Access Control System Closer Opener Door Lock Elevator Parts Switch Locks.

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